Five Reasons To Hire A DUI Lawyer

If you have been charged with a DUI and lack legal experience, then a DUI attorney may benefit you in some ways. They can both represent you in a court of law, and counsel you on any options or potential penalties that you face. There are many reasons to hire a DUI lawyer, yet many people often overlook the potential benefits, and either hires a more general attorney or seek no legal representation at all.

One reason to hire a DUI lawyer is if you’re facing multiple convictions. If your driving under the influence led to the harm or death of another party, then a DUI lawyer is a near necessity. Cases involving harm to another party could carry personal injury charges, and situations that resulted in death could potentially lead to a trial. In this case, DUI lawyers can use their array of experience to defending you on DUI charges, and their network of connections to outsourcing any further help needed with more specialized charges faced.

A second reason to hire a DUI lawyer is if you’re aware that the evidence presented against you is borderline, for example if your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) was only slightly above the legal limit. In this situation, hiring a DUI lawyer could help reduce or dismiss your charges, resulting in lesser penalties and fines for you to pay.

A third reason to hire a DUI lawyer is if you feel that you were initially stopped without probable cause or that your arrest was mishandled. Both of these situations may be a reason to dismiss a case, especially if your Miranda rights weren’t read at the time of the arrest. In such a case, a DUI lawyer would be able to use their knowledge of the workings of the law to guide and defend you, potentially proving your innocence and highlighting policing flaws in the process.

drinkingA fourth reason to hire a DUI lawyer is if you are a repeat offender. If you have been previously charged with a DUI or were on probation when arrested, then you may need a DUI attorney to prevent more serious and permanent penalties from being implemented. In this situation, a DUI lawyer could prevent you from facing longer jail sentences and larger fines.

A fifth reason to hire a DUI lawyer is if you feel that your job or personal life could be seriously affected by a DUI. If your career depends on the absence of a criminal record, and your personal situation could suffer as a result- then a DUI lawyer would be an efficient means of attempting to reduce charges to reckless driving or (with proper defense), dismiss charges altogether.